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We offer self-paced online courses on the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Java

    Learn the fundamentals of the Java programming language. Data types, control flow, data structures, functions, OOP, I/O, libraries, GUI development and more.

  • The R Toolkit

    Learn the fundamentals of the R programming language, then apply it to statistical analysis, visualizations and machine learning. Learn Variables, Vectors, Matrices, Loops, Functions, Packages, Plotting, K-means clustering, Decision Trees and more.

  • Object Oriented Programming with C#

    Learn the fundamentals of C# and OOP: Classes, Structures, Inheritance, Data Types, Operators, Loops, Arrays, I/O, Debugging, and more.

  • Data Mining With Python

    Learn Cluster Analysis, Classification and Regression, SVM, SVC, SVR, Dimensionality Reduction, Apache Spark, Network Mining, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Count Vectorizer, TFIDF and more.

  • Full Stack Web Development with Flask

    Learn the 4 key areas of full stack development: Frontend, Backend, Database design, and Hosting. Use Python3, Flask, Twitter Bootstrap and SQLite to build a fully-functional web application, then deploy it to a virtual server on Digital Ocean.

  • Android 101

    Learn to build Android apps in Kotlin, from start to finish. This course is actually 3 classes in 1: We start with an introduction to Android Studio, then cover the fundamentals of the Kotlin language. And finally, we run through a 5 day hands-on Android-app bootcamp.

  • Python is Easy

    Learn the fundamentals of Python, and build 3 real projects. We cover Variables, Functions, Statements, Lists, Loops, Sets, Dictionaries, I/O, Classes, Libraries, Error-Handling and more.

  • The Node.js Master Class

    Learn Node.js from scratch with no frameworks and no dependencies. The course consists of 83 video lectures, 3 large projects, 7 small projects, 6 homework assignments, a few quizzes, and a final exam.

  • Keeping Up with the Javascripts: ES6

    Spread, rest, maps, sets, destructuring, template literals, classes, try/catch/finally, promises, fetch, Babel, Webpack, Gulp and more.

  • Frontend Fundamentals

    Learn the basics of HTML and CSS with this quick and easy course. If you're looking for a place to start your journey as a web-developer, then look no further.

  • Get Swifty

    This class is so big we had to split it into 3 differenent parts. In part 1 you'll learn the Swift programming language and the Xcode IDE. In part 2 you'll build mobile apps (for iPhones and iPads). In part 3 you'll build desktop apps for MacOS.

  • C++ For the Rest of Us

    Always wanted to learn a lower-level language, but found it too intimidating? This class is for you. It's a straightforward C++ course for human beings. No computer-science degree required.

Earn completion certificates for each class.

If you complete any class, you'll be issued a digital completion certificate. Our certificates are shareable, unique, blockchain verified and independently verifiable.

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Our Prerequisites

Make sure you meet these requirements before starting our courses.

  • Full size laptop or desktop.

  • Admin / root privileges on your workstation.

  • A fast internet connection.

  • Fluent in written and spoken English.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer here, feel free to contact us.

  • Do you issue completion certificates?

    Yes! Every course includes the issuance of a digital completion certificate at the end. Your certificate will be made available to you automatically once all the course videos have been watched, and all the quizzes and homeworks have been passed. Our certificates are shareable, individually unique, and blockchain-backed so that they can be independently verified.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We only accept credit and debit cards. Make sure the payment method you're using supports recurring subscriptions, and that your bank allows USD-denominated transactions originating in the United States.

  • My transaction is getting declined.

    Call your bank. We don't decline your transaction, the bank or payment gateway does. In 99% of cases, it's your bank. Give them a call to sort it out.

  • When are new courses released?

    Every few months. If we've set a release date for the course, then this page will have more information. Also check our Twitter (@WeArePirple) and our Youtube (youtube.com/pirple), to stay updated on any announcements.

  • I already enrolled but I can't seem to access the courses.

    When you're logged in, click on "My Classes" in the top menu. If you don't see the courses in your dashboard, email us to troubleshoot.

Not sure which class to start with?

If you're not sure where to begin, we'd recommend starting with our HTML & CSS course, and then moving on to Javascript afterwards. After that you'll be ready for our backend, full-stack and mobile-app development courses.

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