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The Difference

What's the difference between taking a class here, vs somewhere else?

Pirple is designed to be more like a real classroom environment. We emphasize homeworks, exams, interacting with your instructors, and working with classmates. Most other online-course providers just give you a bunch of videos to watch. 

  • Certificates of

    When you reach the end of the course, you'll receive a certificate. Our certificates are digital, shareable, independently-verifiable and blockchain-backed.

  • 24/7 Student

    Start any topic, and ask anything you want to know related to programming. Anytime!

  • Graded

    As you progress through the material, we'll stop and quiz you, a lot! This helps reinforce learning, and shows you if you missed anything important.

  • Graded

    When it comes to coding, you don't really know it until you start doing it! Every class includes several homework assignments.

  • Graded

    Building large projects helps you synthesize the chapter materials into one body of knowledge. So every one of our course includes large project assignments.

  • Graded Final

    We focus our final exams on real-world experience. For every course, your final exam includes having to add code to real-world open source projects.