Payment Questions

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    It depends on the country and the currency involved in the purchase. For all countries we accept credit and debit cards. In select countries we also accept Paypal.

  • I don't see the Paypal option.

    If we can accept Paypal from your country, then you should see a Paypal button below the credit-card entry form. Just click that button to checkout via Paypal instead.

  • I don't feel comfortable sharing my credit card details.

    We never see your card information. We use Stripe to process our payments for us. Stripe is one of the largest Payment processors in the world and is a PCI Level I Service Provider.

  • My transaction is getting declined.

    Make sure to read the error message being displayed, it may contain important information. We don't decline your transaction, the bank or payment gateway does. In 99% of cases, it's your bank. If your bank provided us with a reason for declining the purchase, we'll include that in the error message we show you. In all cases you can give your bank a call to get more information and sort out the issue.

  • Can I pay in a different currency?

    We currently only accept purchases in USD. If your bank account is denominated in another currency, you may still be able to checkout. Your bank may offer automatic conversion services for USD purchases, please contact your card issuer for more details.

Registration Questions

  • How do I sign up?

    Browse through the courses (above), and then click the enrollment links when you're ready. You'll be taken to a section of the page where you can purchase our course bundle and start the courses.

  • I already enrolled but I can't seem to access the courses.

    You probably need to login again. In the top menu click on "login" or "my account".

Course Questions

  • I have no experience. Which courses should I take?

    Here's what we recommend:

    1. Take Frontend Fundamentals first. There you will learn HTML & CSS, the basic building blocks of websites.

    2. After that, take our ES6 Javascript course and you will learn how to make websites interactive and dynamic.

    3. After that you will know enough about programming to choose your next path. You could move to backend development (server-side), or mobile app development, or data science etc. It's up to you. The right path will become clear once you've reached this point.

  • What are the prerequisites for a given course?

    Each course has prerequisites listed below the course description. Just click the "prerequisites" button.

  • How long will I have access to the courses if I buy them?

    All of our courses are self-paced. You can take them as quickly or slowly as you wish.

  • Can I watch a free sample?

    Of course, there is a sample video available below every course description.

  • Do you issue completion certificates?

    Yes, you can see a sample of the certificate issued for your course by clicking on "sample certificate" below the course description.

  • Are your certificates accredited?

    You are confusing a "completion certificate" with a "degree". Universities are accredited by the state/government so that they can issue degrees (Bachelors, Masters, Phd etc). Online courses issue certificates of completion. They are not degrees, and shouldn't be confused with them. They are just a certificate that verifies that you completed the course.