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Prerequisites & Suitability

Check the requirements below before considering this course.

  • First Timers

    If you've never written a line of code before, then this class is for you. We start from the basics, and progress very slowly. There are a number of homeworks early-on to make sure you're grasping the material.

  • Junior Engineers

    Sorry, this class is not suitable for a Junior Engineer. It's very likely that you already know most of this material, or that you're picking it up on-the-job as we speak. We have many other courses more suitable for you.

  • Senior Engineers

    Sorry, but no. This class is not suitable for Senior Engineers. We don't cover anything here that you wouldn't already know. This class is for first-timers. We have many other courses more suitable for you.

Course Curriculum

24 Lectures, 6 Homeworks, 2 Projects, 1 Final Exam

  • 1
    Introduction to HTML
    • Doctype, Head, Body and Paragraph
    • Intro to JS Bin
  • 2
    HTML Lists
    • Lists and Comments
    • Nested Lists
    • Setup Your Workstation
    • Homework #1: Lists
  • 3
    HTML Images
    • Images
    • Images in Lists
    • Homework #2: Images
  • 4
    HTML Links
    • Links
    • Images as Links
    • Email Links
    • Homework #3 Links
  • 5
    More HTML Tags
    • Div, Header, Footer and Main
    • Project #1
  • 6
    Introduction to CSS
    • Selectors, Rules and Properties
    • The Box Model (Padding, Margin and Borders)
    • Background Color and Font Size
    • Homework #4: Basic Styling
  • 7
    Intermediate CSS
    • Width and Text Alignment
    • Inheritance (Cascading)
    • Type Selectors
    • Direct Descendants
    • Classes
    • Classes, Continued
    • IDs
    • Homework #5: Classes and IDs
  • 8
    Advanced CSS
    • Specificity
    • Advanced Selectors
  • 9
    CSS Responsiveness
    • More Properties and Mobile Responsiveness
    • Homework #6: Responsiveness
    • External Stylesheets
    • Project #2 (Final Exam)
  • 10
    Completion Certificate
    • How to Get Your Certificate